Select Hinge - Full Surface - 57 Series

Order Your Select Hinge - Full Surface - 57 Series

SELECT continuous hinges
unite the door and frame into an integrated, sag free unit. “Kickback” energy dissipates along the entire length of the door and frame and prevents hinge failure.

Tested to last six decades

Reduce maintenance costs and hassles.Independent lab tests on an FRP door prove SELECT hinges withstand 25 million cycles — more than 50 years of high-traffic use. Pair-Matched™ hinge leaves, lifetime lubrication and anodizing after machining deliver the longest life of any continuous hinge.

Covered by the only Continuous Warranty

Because SELECT geared continuous hinges have proven themselves in independent testing, we offer the industry's only Continuous Warranty. It covers any failure of our aluminum geared continuous hinges — with no expiration date — as long as they are properly installed. Durability and worry free performance … guaranteed in writing. The warranty that never ends for the hinge that never quits.SM

Certified by the U.S. Department of State
After brutal testing, the State Department granted a SELECT geared continuous hinge its 60-minute certification — the department's highest level. The hinge defl ected bullets in the Ballistic Resistance Test and withstood sledgehammers, wedges and other tools in the Forced Entry Test. Approved for use in U.S. embassies overseas.

Manufactured together, machined together and anodized together,
making SELECT hinges fit your doors better and last longer.An exclusive SELECT benefit.

Eliminates the need for periodic maintenance. Quiet performance.
Fights gear cap wear. An exclusive SELECT benefit.

Available without pins or studs. No extra parts to buy or install, no liability worries. Design innovation approved for positive and negative pressure. An exclusive SELECT benefit.
Hole pattern is identical on both
Standard and Heavy Duty models—a SELECT benefit not all hinge makers offer.

Hard, smooth surface delivers superior wear, durability and life, inhibits corrosion. Not all hinge makers follow SELECT’s lead in using this superior manufacturing process.
Select hinges line up perfectly, precisely, every time. Makes multiple installations easier and faster. An exclusive SELECT benefit.

Heavy-Duty [HD]
Up to 200 lb. for high-frequency doors; up to 450 lb. for medium frequency doors; up to 600 lb. for low frequency doors (Rivnuts required).

Standard-Duty [SD]
For medium-frequency doors up to 200 lbs.

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