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SKU: VD-6210-24VDC-US32D
List Price: $1,163.00
Manufacturer: Von Duprin
Description: 6200 Series Electric Strike
Category: Electric Strikes
Finish Code: US32D
Weight: 2


Von Duprin

6200 Series Electric Strike

Von Duprin electric strikes are known for their reliability, durability and security. The 6200 Series is designed to withstand abuse. Its heavy-duty stainless steel construction is fully UL1034 and UL10C listed.

6200 Series electric strikes are designed for use with a variety of mortise or cylindrical locksets. It interfaces with the latch mechanism of the exit device. The 6200 Series movable lip (keeper) allows a door to open, even when the latch bolt is extended. This feature, called remote release provides added benefits such as increased convenience and efficiency. The 6200 Series also provides added security and traffic control.

6200 Series electric strikes can be used for retrofit applications or new construction.


  • Model Number: 6210
  • Retrofit Model: n/a
  • Lockset: Mortise without deadbolt
  • Handing: Non-handed design provides greater flexibility
  • Strike Box: Adjustable to compensate for misalignment of the door or frame
  • Two-Piece Plug Connectors: Furnished for ease of installation and for removal during strike servicing
  • Power Failure Mode: Furnished fail secure (FSE) standard, with fail safe (FS) optional
  • Duty: Heavy Duty durable stainless steel construction
  • Voltage: Furnished 24VDC standard with 12VDC, 16VDC, 28VDC and AC operation optional


  • Latch Bolt Throw: 3⁄4" (19 mm)
  • Face Plate Length: 4 7/8"
  • Backbox Depth: 1 3/4"


12V DC Continuous 0.60 21
16V DC Continuous 0.40 38
24V DC Continuous 0.33 83
28V DC Continuous 0.25 111


Von Duprin Electric Security Products and Accessories Catalog


Von Duprin Strike Force 6210 6210DS Electric Strike Single Door Mortise Application Installation Instructions

Von Duprin 6000 Series Electric Strike Spring Kit Installation Instructions

Von Duprin 6000 Series FS/FSE Conversion Installation Instructions

Von Duprin 6210 Electric Strike Metal Frame Application Template


  • ANSI/BHMA 156.31, Grade 1
  • UL294 Listed, ensures that the products will operate reliably without creating a hazardous condition
  • Fire rated UL 10C to 3 hours on single doors; 90 minutes on pair doors with inactive leaf
  • CSFM California State Fire Marshal listed


Von Duprin 7500
Best 30H (not 45H/47H)
Corbin Russwin ML2200, 5000, 9000, CR2200 (not 2000)
Falcon M100, M200, M300, M400, M500, M600
Sargent 7700, 8100 (not 7800/8200)
Schlage L9000
Yale 8700 (not 8800)

Fail Secure (FSE) Requires power to be applied to unlock the strike lip.
On loss of power, the strike lip is locked.
Fail Safe (FS) Requires power to be applied to lock the strike lip.
On loss of power, the strike lip is unlocked.

Dual Switch (DS) Dual switch monitoring option has two SPDT contacts, one switch monitors the tripper which is depressed when the latchbolt is inserted into the strike pocket.
The second switch monitors the condition of the strike lip, open or closed and locked.
DS switches rated at 24 VDC 50 milliampere - 2 amps.
Dual Switch - Low Current (DS-LC) Low current gold contact switches for use on applications associated with computer control and monitoring.
Monitors latch bolt & lock status.
DS switches rated 24 VDC 50 milliampere or less.

24VDC Low voltage DC power
12VDC Low voltage DC power

SO12 Converts 12 VAC voltage to 12 VDC to operate the solenoid
Field installable and plug in-line to solenoid.
SO24 Converts 24 VAC voltage to 24 VDC to operate the solenoid
Field installable and plug in-line to solenoid.

US3 Plated polished brass on stainless steel (605)
US4 Plated dull brass on stainless steel (606)
US10 Plated dull bronze on stainless steel (612)
US10B Plated dark bronze on stainless steel (613)
US32 Stainless steel, polished (629)
US32D Stainless steel, satin (630)

Entry Buzzer (EB) Installed in the frame and in parallel with the circuit, the buzzer will sound when the strike is unlocked.
Only available if Fail-Secure (FSE) is specified
Allegion Connect (CON) 6 in. wire extension harness available

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