Quietouch: Light Duty / Residential Door Closer

Order the Quietouch: Light Duty / Residential Door Closer

*Designed to close your doors quietly and softly time after time

Did the kids leave the door open again? No need to worry anymore, your door closer will make the door shut slowly and safely after they are inside.

Shhhh... Our
Residential Door Closer is perfect for your baby's room. The hold open feature lets your door stay open when you want it or close quietly and securely if you prefer. Your baby will never again be awakened by a slamming door.

Hold Open feature acts like a door stop when you want to keep the door open, and with an adjustable closing speed, your door can close as fast or slow as you desire!

Sentinel's new
Quietouch® Residential Door Closer allows you to control the action, clamor and safety of your interior doors. It enhances the safety of your home and quietly closes your doors time after time.

• Reversible
• Can be installed on the push or pull side of the door
• Template included to make installation easier
• Speed adjustment to close the door at you own desire speed
• Hold Open feature that can act as a door stop

• 12 month limited warranty

- Installation Instructions - S123 Cut Sheet

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