Rixson 700 Overhead Concealed Closer- Left Handed - Body Only

Order the Rixson 700 Overhead Concealed Closer- Left Handed - Body Only

Overhead concealed closers are an aesthetically appealing way to close medium-traffic doors. Center-hung Rixson® overhead concealed closers use the spindle as the pivot point, giving the most efficient way to control doors. Offset models allow the use of continuous, standard butts or intermediate and bottom pivots to hang doors.

Application: Single Acting, Handed, Exterior or Interior Doors
Low to Medium Usage
Weight to 200 lbs.

Side View of the Rixson 700 Series

Front View of the Rixson 700 Series


• Available non hold-open (N) or hold open (A). Specify degree (90° or 105°, A or N)
• 1-3/4" doors
• Always use auxiliary stop
• Adjustable closing speed
• Adjustable hydraulic backcheck
• Not available CWF or DA
• For ADA compliance use Model 706 for interior 36" doors

Rixson 700 Options: (Please call Sentinel at 1-800-327-7848 for a specific order request)

700 - Aluminum door/frame M700 - Metal door/frame
W700 - Wood door/frame MW700 - Wood door/metal frame
• 1/2" extended spindle available – specify when ordering
• Metal frames require 192 mounting channel which must be welded into frame prior to shipment. Included with closer.
• Wood frames require 198 mounting plate. Included with closer.

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