Monarch 24 Series Surface Vertical Rod with Dummy Trim - 24-V-DT

This Monarch 24 Series Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device comes with 710DT Trim.

The Monarch 24 Series exit devices fill the bill with some of the toughest, most reliable performance in the business. Like the 25 Series, a host of features like fire rating or electrified options, and a full compliment of trims makes this a smart solution for your panic hardware needs.

The 24 Series is a sleek streamlined narrow stile device, which means a smart solution for your building design. Non-handed. 299 strike standard. Specify "CD" prefix for cylinder dogging. Doors: 1 3/4" thick, wood or metal. 2 3/4" maximum projection. Electrified Function: Can be interfaced with building systems. Latch retraction, electrified dogging, delayed egress and exit alarm available. Available in several finishes including US26D, US32D, US28 and 313AN & US10.

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