Monarch 19-V Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device with Thumb Pull -19-V-TP

This Monarch 19-V Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices comes with 910TP Trim.

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the 19-R,the 19-V Exit Device complies with most exit door requirements, and isfully reversible and surface applied. This device is regularlyfurnished with deadlocking top latch with latch retention and squarebolt at bottom. The "EO" (Exit Only) device is ready to accept anassortment of trims.

When low cost and dependability areessential, the 19 Series is a great choice. A dependable workhorse, the19 series exit device is an economical answer to a variety of exitneeds. Available in "B" label (1-1/2hr.) fire exit construction.Finishes include SP313 powder coated duranodic, stainless steel andSP28 powder coated aluminum. The 19 Series comes with a full complimentof trims.

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