Aiphone JFS-2AEDV - Voice and Video Intercom System

Aiphone JFS-2AEDV - Voice and Video Intercom System

The JF Series is a high performance, hands-free video intercom system with a superior monitor and an amazingly slim design. It is easy to operate and requires little time to install. The JF Series is the simple and effective solution to your security needs.

The JF-2MED offers support for two color video door stations and three inside color monitor stations. Additional features include built-in Picture Memory, Internal Voice Memo, and Entrance Messaging. Image sequences are automatically recorded (8 frames per image) when a visitor calls. Up to 50 image sequences can be recorded and 10 sequences can be saved. Save special or necessary images, leave internal voice messages, and play recorded voice greetings for visit

JFS-2AEDV Contents: (Power Supply not Shown)

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  • Quick and easy to install - Only 2 wires!
  • No handset to pick up
  • Compact, attractive design complements most interiors
  • Open voice VOX or PTT communication
  • High resolution color TFT monitor
  • Expandable to three inside and two door stations
  • Leave a voice memo to replay at inside stations
  • Pre-record entrance messages
  • Single or selective door release with RY-3DL
  • Camera station can be monitored from inside
  • All monitors turn on when camera station calls in


Power Source:
18V DC - Use PS-1820UL
Chime, image and audio approx. 45 sec.
AUTOMATIC (hands-free) - to activate, momentarily push TALK button MANUAL (push-to-talk/release-to-listen) - to activate, push TALK button for 2 sec. or until talk LED turns on
Video Monitor;
3-1/2" direct-view TFT color LCD
Scanning Line;
525 lines
Night Viewing;
Up to 1’ from camera, with white LED projected, background beyond 1’ cannot be seen
Picture memory;
Record max. 50 images (8 pictures/image, 1 shot for each sec.) Save max. 10 recorded pictures
Voice memo;
Record max. 3 voice memos (max. approx. 15 sec. /memo)
Msg. for entrance;
Record max. 2 messages (max. approx. 10 sec. /message)
Door Release;
Contact rating: 24V AC/DC, 500mA Use RY-18L for larger contact rating
Door to master: 2-cond., mid cap, solid, non-shielded Master to sub: 4-cond., mid cap, solid, non-shielded
Door to farthest master/sub master: 165’(22AWG) 330’(18AWG) Master to IER-2: 245’(22AWG) 490’(18AWG)
Wire Type;
Master to door: Aiphone #871802 Between masters/sub: Aiphone #871804